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Wedding Planner forms Package

Make your most important day, Perfect: 
Get it in writing!

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, you need assurances.  One of the best ways to assure that your special day goes without a hitch is to get everything on paper.

Contracts and legal documents sound so intimidating but with our wedding planning  package you get everything you need all in one place, customized specifically for your state.  As you plan you wedding you are faced with contracts at every turn and you need to beware, many vendors put in clauses about forfeited deposits and mandatory gratuity percentages. 

Rather than sidestep their  legalese show up with your own paperwork so you are sure what is in it.  In this package you get essential legal and non-legal documents to be used for wedding planning purposes. You can modify and alter the documents in this package to fit your particular circumstances. This package contains the following forms:

1) Contract with Wedding Planner
2) Letter to Photographer from Wedding Planner
3) Letter to Limo Service
4) Letter to Florist
5) Letter to Caterer
6) Letter to Band
7) Letter to Videographer
8) Letter to Specialty Vendor
9) Letter for Cancellation of Wedding
10) Wedding Entertainment Services Contract

Its the best investment in your wedding you'll ever make

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This package provides all the legal documents a wedding planner may need to create contracts with wedding vendors.  Nothing makes you look more professional than showing up prepared.